Iran and Turkey coordination conference



the two day conference with the title of “ Iran and Turkey conference: past experience, future images” was held in University of Tehran with cooperation of Iranian world studies association and Ataturk University and Turkish ambassador in Iran in 8th and 9th of Azar in faculty of World Studies.


The conference started with a welcome speech by Mr. Udim Yarmit, the Turkish Embassedor in Iran and continued with a speech by Dr. Saied Reza Ameli with the title of localizing the world, cultural power and powerlessness, stable and change paradox, Turkey and Iran. Elaborating each term, he emphasized on the meaning of glocalization as a new term and then he focused on the similarities between Iran and Turkey while reminding audiences of parts of history of Turkey. He also mentioned the multi-cultural nature of Turkey as well as rich Turkish literature and culture and cultural and political similarities between Iran and Turkey. He at the end wished a close cooperation between Iran and Turkey based on Islamic fraternal.


Next Dr. Fakhal din Kurkomaz, dean assistant of Ataturk University, also had a welcome speech and mentioned the long term relation between Iran and Turkey throughout the history. He then pointed out the literature and language similarities between Iran and Turkey and called it the key factors in closing two countries.


Dr. Hojat allah Ayubi, the head of Echo cultural institute, as the next lecturer also laid emphasis on the literature and language similarities and the ancient history of these two countries along with Egypt and their key role in setting security and peace in the region. He further drew audience’s attention to the Europe :::union::: in which countries like France and Germany solved previous problems and came to a unity which resulted in a European unity in the respective continent. He then concluded that the unity of Iran and Turkey results in security and peace in the region.


The conference included academic panels. First panel was held in 8th Azar which was dedicated to literature and the mutual effect of Iranian and Turkish literature on each other.Dr. RuhollahHoseini, was the head of the panel in which Dr. Matin Akush, Dr, Hosein Sediq and Dr. Omran Ai presented their papers. The next day, Dr. Mohammad Samiyi, along with Dr. Fakhrodin Kurkomaz, Dr. Reza Partovi zade, Dr. Sadeq Alizade and Dr. Javad Salehi had a round table. In the afternoon, Dr. Yunes Nurbakhsh had a round with Dr. Nemat Yildirim, Dr. Rahim Raisi nia, Dr. Nasrollah Salehi and Dr. Hasan Hazrati.


In fourth round table, Dr. Mehdi Ahouyi attended in a round table with Dr. Golshan Aidin, Dr. Mohammad ali Mohtadi, Dr. Farhad Atayi and Ms. Pinar Arikan.

In this conference, Dr. Farhad Atayi, Asadollah Athari, Mohammad Reza Dehshiri lectured on in order, the competition between in Iran and Turkey in the region throughout the history of the region, securing and making peace between the neighbors in the region, focusing on Turkey and her policy toward her neighbors esp. Syria and cooperation between Iran and Turkey in an international view.


At the end, Dr. Ahouyi, Dean’s assistant in international affair, assured that the conference made steps forward to cooperation between Iran and Turkey and these two countries need to remove the problems and differences in ideas aside and move forward together and the detachment between these two countries is inevitable.




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