Arab spring and Islamic awakening



Recent Arab uprising has led to a review on the policies and relation Islamic republic of Iran has taken toward Arab countries. It also has paved the way for a review on how the Arab countries can take control of their country independent on west.


To study this event, world stdies faculty of university of Tehran held a one-day conference in this faculty with academic faces from ‘Islamic culture and communicant organization’ and ‘world peace forum’ in attention.

In this conference and through three sessions of speeches, the different aspects of Arab uprising along with roots, causes and wash back effects were studied.

In the beginning, Dr, Ameli had a welcome speech in which the importance of such a study that will results in west awakening was explained.


Dr. Kamal Halbavi was the next academic face who is former Ekhvan al moslemin’s spokesman. He condemned west of claiming democracy which they have no idea about.


Masoud Shajare, the next orator and director of Islamic human right commission, pointed that today we can track Imam Khomeini’s thoughts and speeches in Islamic countries. 


Mohammad Irani, the former Iran’s ambassador in Jordan, pointed out that Jordan had faced older generation of demonstrations regarding economic issues and this time younger generation is also in the picture.



Dr. Hamid Ahmadi, the last lecturer in the morning mentioned the history of Arab protests in Arab world. He further pointed that such protests used to face failure due to the leaders in these countries. On the contrary, nowadays the Arab protesters know how to protest and what strategies to take toward  the leaders and move forward with their uprising.


Ahmad Amiri, Dr. Mojtaba Rahmandust and Hasan Abedini were the next three orators in the afternoon.


Dr. Ahmad Amiri, mentioned the idea of Islam as the leading issue in countries, first founded by Islamic Republic of Iran as an impetus in Arab countries with new governments and regimes. He also added that such uprising has made region insecure for Israel.


Hasan Abedini, the former director of Al Alam channel, drew attentions to the matter of media and their important role in maintenance of the movement among Arabs and paler role of international channels in this case. He pictured the media in present Arab countries in two fronts. On one side there are Arabic BBC and CNN which are pro regimes and on the other side Al Alam, Al Kosar and Al Menar are seen.


In the end of second sitting, Mohammad Farazmand, the former Iranian ambassador in Bahrain pointed the people who attend the protests and demonstrations which mostly include youngsters. He added that although at first the wants were limited, they expanded later on due to the violent reaction of the Bahraini government to removal of prime minister.


The third sitting started with speeches of director of Islamic culture and communication organization, Mr. Khoramshad. He pointed that the ideas and ideologies are easily expanded in countries with similar culture and assured that without analysis of Islamic revolution in Iran, it is not possible to analyze the present Arab Movement.


Mohammad Ali Mohtadi, a middle east expert, was the next orator who called Arab movement a tsunami which is a brand new event in history.


Dr. Mohammad Ali Azarshab, university teacher and consultant of minister of culture and guidance ministry as the next orator pointed that the ultimate goal of such a movement and Islam as a whole is to revive. According to him, Islamic revival results in Islamic culture revival.


Abdolamir Nabavi, the next orator as a middle east expert, called such movements as a turning point in all these Arab countries which are although different in economy, culture or society, they all are not satisfied with present economical political status of leading government in their countries. Further they are preparing new constitutions for their new governments.






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