America Awakening Conference

  This conference was held on 20th and 21st of February by world Studies University, Iranian world studies institute, North American studies institute and Islamic communication and culture organization in world studies universities.


  It started with speeches of Dr. Khoramshahi, the head of Islamic communication and culture organization about Alexis De Tocqueville and his book” Democracy in America”. According to Khoramshahi, Tocqueville believes that revolutions happen in a society when suffering from inequity and that is true about the US including blacks and white both in one society.

  He added that Tocqueville believes the inequity in distributing jobs results in revolution too and this revolution is actually a reaction to the inequity in the US.


  Hether gatney, the teacher at Fordham University in New York, continued the speeches and added that the untruthfulness of the people (who are mostly middle class) toward the government has resulted in the present movement. She further mentioned that the movement appeared in big cities first while now we face it in small cities too.

  She believes that America resides variety of ethnic groups, minorities and religions. All these have come together and asking for their right to express themselves. They want the government to distribute the wealth fairly.

  Dr. Ameli, the dean of faculty of world studies, in this conference mentioned that this movement is not just due to economical inequities but cultural and political as well.


  He also reminded that one of the factors that America a super power, is her dominance in virtual space. He also added that when something is produced in virtual space, the product can produce unlimitedly. He made example of Google which was a Californian product and now is used by 65% of people all over the world. One of the other factor that is important to become a superpower is the technology of Nano. It let the world be so tiny that can be under your mouse and then your power to ruin the world or build it in a way you desire, goes up.

  He answered to a question about 1%‘s perception that they think they are exceptional. It results in ignoring others .

  He also drew attentions to how google censores the media on the internet. According to him, there are 40000 press in the world. But the way they are ranked tobe on first pages of your serach result is how google ( the US) ruleS the world. He criticized that limiting the international organizations to obey the US along with considering veto right for herself is how the US leads the world.

  He further mentioned that to democratize the world is an insult to people of all over the world and it means that we do not understand you and we consider you uncivilized so that we need to present you democracy.

  In an American logic, democracy is a tool which hides the gun behind. And how is it possible to talk about democracy and use the military as well simultaneously?

  The matter of American exceptionalism has gone through the science in the US too. They have internalized some special perceptions implying that the science is unchangeable. And it is how they insult the science as the soul of science is change.

  He finished his speech with saying that there is a gap between layer of public and the layer of government and it has been much clearer in the countries with rather aggressive governmets. He believes that the US government is not tyrant to 99% of American people but 99% of the people of the world. The information and lessening the gap between the layers results in less tyranny and big palaces.


  Dr. Edris Samavi Hamed, board of management of philosophy in Colorado state university, mentioned that the societal inequity in the US has resulted in such a movement. The movement participants are mostly concerned about equal opportunities to move upward in society and specially economical issues.

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