Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace and Collective Behavioral Management" held

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“Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace and Collective Behavioral Management” was the title of the tenth Cyberspace UNESCO seat lecture series. The lecture was held on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at the FWS Iran Hall. Dr Asadpour opened his lecture with different usages of artificial intelligence in medicine, aerospace, explorations, information technology and social media management systems. After providing a history of creating artificial intelligence from 1987, he categorized the intelligence in for forms: - artificial intelligence designed to think like humans - artificial intelligence designed to think logically - artificial intelligence designed to act like humans - artificial intelligence designed to act logically Building intelligent machines has always been a human ambition for many scientists. Dr Asadpour added that new designs try to inject intelligence that are connectionist. He provided examples of collective intelligence among animals and their shelter building skills. Asadpour also added that an intelligent system can also function using simple and unintelligent elements in a way that they are connected intelligently. He expressed the importance of using a connectionist and networking approach in cyberspace for enhancing collective behavioral management. Dr Ameli also lectured in this event, touching on the subject of artificial intelligence, adding that artificial intelligence is subject to natural intelligence, and it is sometimes beyond our understanding of algorithms. He added we need to use artificial intelligence in promoting the positive click rather than the negative which is what we face today. The internet can be a positive platform to enhance the quality of human life and if that can be promoted we will all move towards a better, safer, cleaner environment and society.

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