The Israeli-US Lobby in the US meeting held

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Allison Weyer, a leading journalist and activist attended a lecture at FWS on 28th February 2017 to discuss the “Israeli-US Lobby” in the US. At the beginning of her lecture, Allison Weyer explained how she came across the issue of Israel-Palestine conflict and her first trip to Palestine. She found that most of the news coming from the region was from an Israeli perspective and it did not reflect the reality. She established “If Americans Knew” upon returning home to promote the truth about the Israel-Palestine conflict in America. Allison Weyer showed the formation of the Israeli lobby in the US and how they attracted support by donating huge sums of money to different political parties. She believes the main reason behind the strength of the Israeli lobby in the US to be the public’s ignorance about the fact of the Israel-Palestine conflict. She also pointed to the Lobby’s influence on the US involvement in the WWI conflict and their collusion in the Balfour Declaration. Allison Weyer also spoke about her latest publication and the Lobby’s attempts in re-drawing the map of the region by raging war in the region between Arab countries and Muslims in general. Allison Weyer expressed hope in fighting the Israeli-US Lobby and insisted that was the only way for resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict and bringing peace to the region. The session ended in an extensive question and answer session between the panel and the audience.

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