General meeting of Iranian World Studies Association’ Student Committee; activities and expert workgroups introduced

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The general meeting of the Student Committee of Iranian World Studies Association was held at the Hananeh Hall of the Faculty of World Studies on Monday, May 8, 2017. Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli, Dean of the Faculty, and Dr. Javad Sha’rbaf, Vice-Chairman, Dr. Heshmatosadat Mo’inifar, Head of the Student Committee, and directors of the four workgroups of Iranian World Studies Association attended the meeting where the Association’s activities were introduced and Committee’s future initiatives were discussed. In the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Saeid Reza Ameli, Director of Iranian World Studies Association, mentioned that if the student capacity of a university is activated, we could say that the institution’s success is guaranteed because students are mentally and creatively more capable and also have more ability and energy to bring up innovation in a scientific environment. “If students reveal this capability and ability, we may take long steps. Average age of the American teachers is higher than life expectancy. Therefore, teachers always interact with young, capable, and lively individuals by whom they are influenced and motivated to take next steps. I want to make some points here. First of all, there are strategic issues in the world and a student who is studying a country must not bound oneself to one’s respective country, rather a student must take note of other countries as well. There are real important issues in the world. For example, the issue of peace is now a critical, fundamental problem. There are also problems in the field of international lawmaking. For instance, there is a legal capacity to impose sanctions. This must be reviewed. Countries are easily sanctioned and a country’s money value falls to one-third in a relatively short period. Some countries are medically sanctioned and shortage of medicine causes vast death toll among children and elderly. Therefore, if we acknowledge our capacity, we can gradually go toward this path and change the status quo. I ask you to focus on strategic issues,” he continued. “The second point is continuity of cooperation,” Prof. Ameli said. “If this meeting ends here, nothing will happen. But, if it is continued and lays the foundation for a long-term cooperation, it will be valuable. When you graduate, you will be the alumni of University of Tehran and you must not consider yourself as temporary individuals at the University.” Dean of the Faculty of World Studies concluded that, “My final point is that I have experience and I know that those who focus on one issue are more successful. It is you that is important. Work 14 hours a day and turn into experts. Everyone needs your expertise. If you work together, as a community, you will surely get results. I hope that you have good meeting.” The next speaker was Dr. Heshmatosadat Mo’inifar, Head of the Student Committee of the Iranian World Studies Association. Commenting on the name of the Committee and that it is run by students, she said, “I am only here to coordinate your actives. University does not exist without students and we, the professors, must serve the students and develop a situation in which the next generation of the country is educated. None of these happen if we do not have good and motivated students who do not see themselves detached from scholastic environment.” She concluded that, “Consider yourself part of the Committee. Initiate, execute, and be active. Invite your friends from other faculties and universities.” In the final section of the meeting, directors of the four workgroups of Iranian World Studies Association introduced their respective workgroup’s tasks, objectives, and initiatives.

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