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Membership Application Form of the Association


!supportLists]-->n Personal info:


Full name:  

 Birth date: 


Birth certificate number: ID card:  




!supportLists]-->n Education: 


Member of board of management: teacher


Assistance teacher:


Student:   Graduate:


Degree:  major: 




!supportLists]-->n Fields you are interested in:


gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGEStudent leaflet association’ wall poster gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE


gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGEStudent discussion holding training classes gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE


Holding academic conferences gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE website gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE


Holding scientific tours gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGEholding fairs gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE 


Holding academic matches gte vml 1]> !vml]-->AWT IMAGE




!supportLists]-->n What foreign languages can you speak?




Work address:


Phone number:  


Cellphone number:


Email address:




!supportLists]-->n Board of management conviction on the type of membership:


Permanent temporary student honorary institutions




!supportLists]-->n Necessary documents for application:


An official photograph


A copy of the latest degree


A copy of ID card




!supportLists]-->n Address:


4th floor- world studies faculty- north campus Tehran university- world studies academic association


P. O. Box: 6468-14155


Tel: +98 21 88015071




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